Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Produce a THREE- or  FOUR-Minute Video about my business?

Figure on three to four weeks from booking to shooting. In that time, we will: 

  1. Coordinate dates and times with you for the shoot.
  2. Create a Scope of Work that includes a production cost estimate.
  3. Review existing video, audio, print, and images to determine what might be useful in shaping the video content.
  4. Visit the location to check lighting and background. 
  5. Day of shoot: Set up, do lighting and audio checks, shoot, break down.
  6. Optional: Still photography of you, your colleagues, and workplace by Sarah Huntington.
  7. Review video for quality and timing of best cuts.
  8. First edit of raw video.
  9. Client review of content and comment.
  10. Second edit adding cover slides and music.
  11. Your review of changes, approval.
  12. Burn disks for your archives.
  13. Establish your Google+/YouTube channel and playlist.
  14. Upload completed video to your YouTube channel.
  15. Link and/or upload your video to your website.


We advise clients to promote their new video content through social media and then repurpose it for use in multiple media channels. Laura Longley, our colleague at INC | I Need Content, can set up your social media links and show you how to promote your video content through them. She also can develop a plan for repurposing your video so you get the most value from your investment.

Can you Shoot stills on the same day you shoot the video?

Portraits for individuals or groups can be shot on the same day as the video if they are arranged in advance. They require different equipment, setup, and lighting, so pre-planning is essential for us and cost-effective for you. The shoot includes your review of the four best images, choice of image, retouching, and burning to a disk.