Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright joined a host of Nichols customers who shared their experiences stories about the beloved hardware store. 

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright joined a host of Nichols customers who shared their experiences stories about the beloved hardware store. 

Nichols: The Last Hardware Store

When we set out to make a film about a century-old, family-owed hardware store in Purcellville, Virginia, we envisioned creating a film of a unique emporium suspended in time and populated by a staff that understands the concept of "customer service" on a visceral level—an institution that has weathered multiple tragedies, from devastating fires to the sudden deaths of two second- and third-generation owners.

Our intent was to explore what old rural hardware stores say about our society and how we are changing socially and culturally. In the process, we learned not only about Nichols but also about its meaning—about the people, the place, and the sense of place and community it has engendered.


Loudoun Laurels

The Loudoun Laurels is a stewardship foundation that celebrates outstanding citizens whose lives and service to Loudoun County, Virginia (one of the nation's wealthiest and fastest-growing counties), deserve
recognition and emulation.

Since 2012, The Lincoln Studios has produced the video tributes honoring these distinguished civic leaders, educators, and stewards of Loudoun's landscape and heritage. We'd be honored to produce videos for your organization and welcome your call or email.

LOUDOUN LAURELS 2012 HONOREE STANLEY F. CAULKINS—Longtime civic activist and leading force behind Leesburg's airport


LOUDOUN LAURELS 2013 HONOREE ED HATRICK—Recently retired superintendent of Loudoun County's public schools during a period of dramatic expansion of the school system


LOUDOUN LAURELS 2014 HONOREE JOE BOLING—Former  chair and CEO of Middleburg Bank, civic leader, and philanthropist 


Website Interviews

There's no better medium than a short video overview or Frequently Asked Question for prospective clients or customers to get to know and trust you—and ultimately buy your products or retain your services.  As we note on our home page, video is projected to account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. It belongs on your website for browsers—digital and human—to find and enjoy. Naturally engaging and easily shareable across multiple channels, it is also increasingly affordable. Just ask us

DANIEL D. SMITH, Smith & Pugh, PLC—Estate Planning Overview



W. FRANKLIN PUGH, Smith & Pugh, PLC—Estate Administration Overview




SMITH & PUGH, PLC YouTube Playlist:  2 Video Overviews, 13 Video FAQs



Witness Interviews

Over the past 10 years, the practice of videotaping witnesses in legal actions has grown dramatically. In that time attorneys have become more sophisticated in their use of video to communicate the subtleties of a witness's character as much as the statements they make. The quality of post production clips for courtroom use has become equally as important. 

If your law firm videotapes interviews and focus groups, consider The Lincoln Studios. You can be confident we will provide you with professional, confidential services and a polished product.

Fundraising Videos

Drew Babb, our creative director, is a veteran writer and producer whose creative services portfolio includes advocacy spots and ads for recording rights, land use, auto safety, cable reform, cancer prevention, copyright legislation, and more. His clients have included the American Cancer Society, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and Ralph Nader's Center for Auto Safety. 








Video Histories

Libraries and museums around the world are embracing video as vital technology in capturing history from the people who have lived and shaped it. The Lincoln Studios is now partnering with Northern Virginia's leading library of history and genealogy, the Thomas Balch Library, as it expands its oral history series to incorporate video interviews. We welcome the opportunity to work with other institutions adding video to their oral history programs.